US House Representative-to-be Fights to Wear Hats in Congress

Florida Democrat Frederica Wilson was just elected into Congress. She has yet to take office, but she is already prepared to fight for her first cause: changing the 173 year old law against wearing hats in the US House. Representative Wilson says it’s “sexist”, and she doesn’t appreciate being discriminated against for her trademark hats.

Wilson’s hats range from sequined cowboy hats to poof cloche hats to pink cowboy hats to 10 gallon Stetsons. She claims it is just a part of who she is. But when a House Representative tried to overturn the ban on hats in the 1970′s, Rep. Bella Abzug lost the battle.

I understand that wearing unique and cool custom hats can become a part of your fashion. I rarely leave the house without a finely formed Indiana Jones Fedora or a Tilley Endurables hat. But I have to admit, it seems like there are more important things for the House to spend their time settling. Maybe when the country is out of debt, no longer in a war, and experiencing prosperity again should Representatives spend their time arguing about acceptable attire. But it seems to me that drastic times call for our representatives to humble themselves and put their petty arguments on the shelf for a while. But I am interested to see what the House decides!

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