The Most Popular Hat in the World

The other day I was thinking about hats and got to wondering what the most popular hat in the world could be? I don’t just mean which hat is the most well known or famous but what type of hat is worn by the most people in the entire world. It would be much easier to determine what kind of hat is the most popular for specific regions and countries but when you consider the entire population of the world it gets to be a little more confusing.

I really didn’t have a clue. My first thoughts was that it was between the “Cowboy Hat” and the “Baseball Cap”. But then I got to thinking that this was probably a very western centric view and that I needed to open my mind a little and think about the kinds of hats people wear around the world. After all, why would people who care nothing for sports or country music wear either of these hats?

I did some research and really could not come up with much until I stumbled upon this article entitled, “The History and Future of the World’s Most Popular Hat.” ¬†Well, lo and behold my first thoughts were right. According to this the baseball cap is the most popular hat in the world. Of course I don’t think that means baseball is the most popular sport in the world or that people who wear baseball caps even like baseball (I know I don’t).


So just what is it then that makes the baseball cap so popular?

  • They are comfortable and casual.
  • They enable people to easily express themselves with logos, slogans, and graphics without having to consider how well their hat matches the rest of their clothes or whether or not it is “in style” as for most people a baseball cap is always in style.
  • They do the job of blocking the sun from your eyes well.
  • They are easily worn indoors and while sitting since their is no brim in the back of the hat.
  • They just work.

It’s hard to argue against the functionality of the baseball cap and for most people this is of most importance. Even the Navy, Coast Guard, SWAT Teams, and the FBI use them. So while they may not be the most sophisticated or stylish of hats you’d be hard pressed to find another hat with such widespread appeal. So whether you’re tracking down international criminals, running the country, playing baseball, or just supporting your favorite cause, feel good knowing you’re wearing the most popular hat in the world.

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