“Survivor” TV Game Show Winner Uses Winnings to Grow Winter Hat Company

What do you do when you’ve won $1,000,000 on a reality game show? You start a winter headwear business! That’s what “Survivor: Panama” winner Aras Baskauskas has done. No, the Survivor winner did not elect to start a company making packable sun hats,  inspired by his time in Panama. The 30 year old businessman from California used proceeds from Survivor to fund Tundra Gear, the winter hat company he is running out of his garage.

Tundra Gear hats all come in the same style: the Mad Bomber hat style. But what they tout is superior warmth and top durability in a fun and lighthearted design. They make the hats in a variety of sports team colors with matching logos. They even snagged NFL superstar Terrel Owens to endorse their hats.

There are a lot of other companies making mad bomber or russian aviator hats pitched as the fashionable winter warming headwear, which looks like glorified coonskin caps. But they do provide incredible warmth in the winter. And if you’ve ever tried a rabbit fur mad bomber hat, you know that it is like a piece of heaven resting on your noggin! Hopefully Aras has success with the hat company, as those who watched Survivor: Pamana are well aware of what he had to go through to get that prize money!

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