Summer Hats for Men

For most men nowadays there really is only one hat and that is the baseball cap. We’ve even talked about how the baseball cap has become the most popular hat in the world (and for good reason). You can wear it just about anywhere and anytime these days that casual attire is acceptable. But there has to be more for men besides the baseball cap and we’re going to talk about some other options that are specifically related to the summer months. I’m not talking about Tilley hats for going on Safari’s but things that may actually look good on you on the street. One thing that I thin is key is to wear hats that look like they should be worn in the summer. Don’t wear beanies and knitted hats when it’s 90 degrees out. You may think it’s cool but most people are probably just wondering if something is wrong with you. So let’s try to keep you head protected from the sun and at the same time expand your fashion vocabulary with these hats below:

1. The Straw Fedora

Forgot Indiana Jones hats for a while and throw on a straw fedora. This hat will always be classy but will look and feel even better during the hot summer months when it’s made from straw. Keep cool and look even cooler.

2. The Cowboy Hat

This one is definitely not for everyone but can work really well for the right person. Try not to go overboard by wearing the boots with it, (unless you are a real cowboy of course), because then it will start to look more like a costume as opposed to a fashion statement. This one is really great for blocking the sun and might be better for those who are a little more laid back in a country kind of sense.

3. Porkpie

I’ve always like the Porkpie and feel like it’s a great alternative to the fedora.While the fedora is very classy the porkpie seems not quite so fancy but more relaxed and casual. They look great with summer attire, especially when made from straw like this one from Kangol.


So there you have it. Three ideas for fashionable headwear that you can add to your head covering repertoire. Just remember, just because it works for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you and vice versa. Style is a very personal thing but once you find your own you really start to feel like more of yourself.

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