Sarah Jessica Parker Tries to Top Princess Beatrice for Worst Hat

I know Philip Treacy is a famous hat designer. And I know that all press is good press. But just when I thought he would have learned his lesson after the Princess Beatrice debacle, he created an even more ridiculous hat for SJP’s trip to Australia.

Sarah Jessica Parker is not new to wearing hats as fashion statements. Whether it’s out shopping in casual attire and an Indiana Jones Hat in NYC or wearing a gorgeous fascinator in formal gown, she knows how to wear a hat in style. But when she wore this Phillip Treacy hat in Melborne, it was quite the mistake. She clearly had trouble seeing where she was going, and probably had to focus 90% of her energy on just keeping the thing on her head. Hopefully they won’t end up rethinking her 2012 Headwear Hall of Fame induction after this hat.

But we at HatsRCool recommend taking risks with fun and creative headwear. So we’re going to let this one slide, SJP. Keep rocking the hat styles and we’ll let you know when you’ve overstepped your bounds. But as a favor, if you’re going to go a bit too far again, please don’t go Lady Gaga on us and wear a telephone or piece of meat on your head!

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