Sarah Jessica Parker rocking the Indiana Jones style Hat

I’m not big on celebrity news, but being the fan of hats that I am, I definitely had to take notice when they snagged some photos of Sarah Jessica Parker out on the town in a brown hat strikingly similar to the Indiana Jones fedora hat we all know and love!

Maybe it’s because you can get away wearing a fedora hat anywhere these days. Or maybe she thought it would keep her looking incognito, but someone in the paparazzi snagged some photos of the “Sex in the City” star out and about in a sleeveless t-shirt (bicepts bulging), boots, and a brown Indiana Jones style felt hat. Actually, when you consider the cheetah print scarf, I suppose it’s hard to imagine she is trying to stay too incognito.

Whether she’s trying to keep the sun out of her face or making a fashion statement, she definitely is able to pull the look off. I’m not sure what you call that look… high-heel boots, skinny jeans, sleeveless t-shirt, cheetah print scarf, and fedora. But whatever you call it, I suppose it’s working!

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