Love the Sun with a Hat On

The sun is finally starting to show it’s face around the Seattle area and nothing makes me happier. You really can’t beat the weather around here when it’s sunny which got me thinking about something: how important is it really to wear a sun hat to protect yourself from the sun?

My wife is really diligent about putting hats on our kids’ heads when it’s sunny. I never really thought about it because for most of my life I’ve had a thick head of dark hair and have only been burnt on rare occasions. When you have kids though, you have to start thinking like an adult; even if you’re already an adult but never thought like one. For instance, if you’re obsessed with tanning yourself, like this New Jersey mom, you really ought to think twice about exposing your kids to the negative affects of the sun. 

There really is no easier way to protect yourself from the sun than throwing on a hat. You can mess with sunscreen and that is an option but that can be messy and time consuming. It is also something you have to keep reapplying every few hours to keep up the protection. If you wear a sun protection hat it will not only cover your head but the wide brim will cover your back and shoulders a lot while you are standing. Not to mention that a hat has many more uses than keeping the sun off you and out of your eyes. It can also keep you warm at night too besides just keeping you cool during the day. Not to mention that a stylish hat can be a fashion statement and add a very noticeable level of sophistication in a way that no other accessory really can.

It’s funny when you hear about teens and crazy moms from New Jersey using tanning beds like crazy. I have nothing against a good tan and actually love sitting out in the sun myself. It just seems like I hear more and more about the negative affects of too much sun exposure and skin cancers. Especially if you are susceptible to sunburns and have some of the high risk factors such as light hair, eyes, and skin than you should really think about wearing something to protect yourself from getting burnt. There will always be people that are naturally tanner than you and nothing is really worth getting skin cancer for. The most important thing is always to keep yourself from getting sunburned and a good sun hat is the perfect way to do that if you have to be out in the sun.




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