Johnny Depp gifts hats to Sandra Bullock’s Tottler

Hat Person of the Year, Johnny Depp, was apparently persuaded by his longtime girlfriend, Venessa Paradis, to part with some of his many hats. Depp, who is known particularly for sporting grey or brown fedoras reminiscent of Indiana Jones hats, was rumored to have over a thousand hats in his collection. Venessa apparently wanted some of the cleared out.

As the headwear association’s hat person of the year, you can’t just drop off your priced headwear at the local Goodwill. Knowing that Sandra Bullock’s son, Louis, has quite the hat obsession, Depp apparently felt that Louis was the perfect recipient of some of the fur felt fedoras and leather fedora hats. Louis is known for crying if he doesn’t have a hat to wear out in public, so Bullock thought the gift from Johnny Depp was a very thoughtful gesture. Knowing the value of a quality piece of millinery is not cheap, let’s hope that little Louis takes care of his part of the prized collection!

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