Admittedly, women don’t seem to use hats in Halloween costumes quite as much as the men. This could be due to the fact that women aren’t trying so much to disguise their appearance as to, how shall I put this, draw attention to their appearance by the use of a good costume or look. There is nothing wrong with that.

That said, I saw a lot of bunny ears and princess crowns. I also saw a few Indiana Jones hats used in the making of Britney Spears costumes. Pink cowboy hats seemed to be a popular choice among the many cowgirls and rodeo queens I saw, likely popularized by the role of Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazard in recent years, among others. Of course while many women choose costumes that accentuate their womanly features, the more daring women it seems throw caution to the wind and dress as male characters for Halloween, which seems to have brought all of the aforementioned hats back into play: coonskin caps, civil war hats, cowboy hats, fedoras—I saw them all.

Children also seem to love hats as a part of a good costume. As I have children, I went to an endless string of family friendly Halloween parties. Children love to dream of themselves in heroic adult roles. I saw pilot caps, sports caps, civil war hats, army helmets, police hats, firemen helmets, space helmets, pink cowboy hats, princess crowns and the like. Of course Indiana Jones is a huge hit with boys under 12, and I saw plenty of Indiana Jones childs hats.

The wonderful thing about buying a costume with a hat for a child, is that unlike the adults, they will use it again and again in their playtime and sleepovers.

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