GQ’s Guide to Wearing the Same Great Hat in 2 Fashions

Gentlemen’s Quarterly put out a great article recently on implementing a hat into your fashion for this fall. One of the opening premises is that, if you find a terrific hat and fork out the money for a quality one, it will last you for years to come, and should be able to be worn in different styles. I find this to be absolutely true, but really appreciated some of the examples and emphases they provide.
Take the fedora for example (it is the most popular formal hat out on the streets these days). Being that it’s fall, and the weather is cooler, people will be opting for a felt hat, as opposed to spring and summer, when straw fedoras will abound. So you decide to get a high quality felt fur fedora that matches your face and fits just right. Well, this hat should be able to work as

well with a suit and tie as it does with a t-shirt and jeans for the fellas. Similarly, you ladies should be able to wear a fur felt fedora with as much grace in an outfit you’d wear to a fine restaurant as you will be able to in an outfit you’d wear shopping around town or to a Lakers game.

As you can see in the above photo, try cocking the hat to the side a bit, with it leaned slightly forward when you are dressed formally. It gives you a bit more of a serious look. You will end up looking a little goofy if you wear the hat tilted back in formal attire. So think Don Draper when wearing a fedora while dressed up.

Do not be afraid to wear that same fedora while out on the town in your casual attire. But you’ve got to pull it off differently. Wear the fedora leaned back a bit, and centered over your head, rather than tilted to the side. This will keep you from looking too serious, so you match the easygoing look of the casual clothes.

So when you’ve spent the time and money procuring a must-have hat to accessorize with your outfits, fee free to use the same high quality felt fedora in various contexts. Just be aware of how to pull it off so it is the proper compliment, as opposed to contradicting the rest of your look.

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