Did you Miss National Hat Day?

I know this is 3 days late, but we at HatsRCool have been enjoying a bit of downtime after the Christmas rush. National Hat Day was upon us on January 15th. It’s the one day a year you have an excuse to wear a ridiculous lid out in public (not that you need an excuse to wear a silly lid).

Better late than never, so without further ado, here are a few of the best hats we have seen in the past year that you should (have) considered wearing for National Hat Day!

  • This knit Turkey Hat might be the perfect Thanksgiving gag. But no need to reserve it to just November. This hat deserves a repeat on January 15th!




  • If you’re hoping to make a hat from scratch, you should definitely consider the brain cap! This might be the perfect NHD option if you’re a pre-med student. However, there are a few warnings if you go this route: Beware of zombies if you want to go with the brain cap! And you better make sure you won’t be around too many squeamish folk if you’re going to try this hat out in public places. For a knit pattern, check this out. Or for one made of caulk and paint, here’s a video of how to make one.


  • This might not work too well as the day drags on, but there’s always the live animal hat! Hey, plenty of people wear dead animal hats like fur hats or coonskin caps. Why not be PETA friendly with your favorite furry friend on your head? Although, it might not go over very well if someone else at the office had the same idea for National Hat Day!



  • Finally, there’s always the classic bearded knit cap. We wrote about this when we first came across it, and it seems to have continued to catch on throughout 2011. This is another option you can make yourself. And if you’re worried about your little kiddo getting cold, you can even knit a baby’s bearded beanie!


So get ready for next year… there’s only 362 days to prepare! Get your thinking cap on, get creative, and support National Hat day with a unique and awesome style of your own!

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