Dealing with the Wind While Wearing a Hat

Hold on to your hats. How do you deal with strong winds in a hat? How many movies have you seen where the protagonist has to go chasing after a windblown hat? Even the great Indiana Jones is not immune to the occasional gust of wind and the hat being blown off of his head. However, in Indy’s case, his Stetson style hat always seems to come back to him.

For starters, the design of a hat is key. If you are wearing a three foot tall paper hat, chances are no matter what you do, it isn’t going to stay on your head. Likewise hats that are more design-oriented and less use-oriented are going to be a problem. Cowboys galloping  into a strong headwind seem to be able to keep their lids in place. Snug civil war hats and fitted coonskin caps are a plus. Straw pink cowboy hats might throw you for a loop.

Which brings up another point—a good fit. Make sure you know your hat size and buy accordingly. If you are purchasing a hat that you intend to use out in the elements, make sure it fits snugly. Here is where that one size fits all baseball cap or breast cancer awareness hat is a benefit. When you need it to stay on in adverse conditions, making it tighter is a snap.

How you wear your hat might also play a role in your breezy demise. If you just place it atop your head and hope for the best, you might find yourself at a loss in a gust. Good hat-wearers know to angle their hats to cut the wind, and have a sense for tilting their head just so when they feel a threatening breeze, and in fact using the wind to push the hat on to their head, not off. This takes practice.

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