Boston Sports Fans Not Pleased with “Pink Hat” Fans

I love pink hats. My daughters wear them, we sell pink hard hats and cowboy hats on our store, and I recommend them to people in breast cancer awareness runs. But not everyone is as fond of pink hats. In the sports world, a “Pink Hat” is a title given to stereotypical casual fans. The name refers to wives or girlfriends of true sports fans, who wear their baby-pink version of the sports team’s hat but don’t really care or know anything about the teams or the game.

In Boston, there has been a more recent outcry from people who consider themselves “True” New England sports fans. They say that, with the recent success of the Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics, there is now an influx of these fair-weather fans in Boston, and they don’t appreciate it. According to them, these “pink hats” are making it harder to get seats at sporting events, tougher to watch a game at a sports bar, and decrease the mood of a sporting event in general. But you must think that the teams appreciate the increase in sales and viewership, even if it is a newer, less die-hard demographic.

More importantly than the validity of whoever wants to watch a sports game, it seems unfair to aim your frustration against anyone wearing a pink hat. During Breast Cancer awareness month, players and coaches are provided with pink breast cancer awareness hats. There are many female authentic fans who genuinely want to look good in a pink hat and don’t deserve criticism. And even if they are a fair-weather fan, they are still entitled to enjoy the event as much as the next person. Would it be fair to tell someone they aren’t welcome to enjoy eat at McDonald’s unless they are a die-hard Big Mac fan? So pink hat wearers, keep rocking the style. Haters, stop the hate and tolerate!

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