Billy Reid Designs Fall Hat Collection for Stetson

Billy Reid was recently named the best Fashion Designer in America. Sounds like the perfect person to partner with longtime cowboy-hat maker Stetson, who has established a heritage of making high quality, field tested hats from cowboy and cowgirl hats to the finest of fur felt fedoras for 200 years. Fall fashion is packed with so called “new heritage” styles: clothes that meld the look of a lumberjack with a city-boy. Stetson, wanting to stay fresh in peoples minds, has called upon Billy Reid to design a limited series of hats that fit the fall fashion criteria. The result: a beautiful set of hats ranging from newsboy caps made with a dense British Army wool, fedoras that look like they belong in the Indiana Jones Stetson fedora collection, and fur caps that look like pimped-out coonskin hats.

The materials chosen by Billy Reid are part of what make these hats stand apart. Reid is known for his choices of fabrics and fabric treatments, and he did not disappoint with these incredibly unique hats that are as functional as they are fashionable. These hats have much more of a functional, outdoorsman feel than the hyper-urban inspired collection that Stetson made with Albertus Swanepoel. Apparently, with the drop in the economy came a change in fashion. Out went the fancy skinny suits from the fashion shows, and in came a more functional, high quality look. People want clothes that will last longer, and serve more purposes than the fashions of a few years ago.

So if you want a fisherman’s hat that looks as good on the streets of Manhattan as it does at a lake in Montana, or a Indiana Jones style fedora that would be appropriate for a dinner at Ruth’s Chris as it is for a hike on the Appalachian Trail, check out the amazingly cool hats Stetson made with Billy Reid!

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