Andre Benjamin talks with GQ about Hat Style

Andre Benjamin (better known by some as Andre 3000) has established himself as one of the most talented musical artists (as both a solo artist, and half of the hip hop group, OutKast. Earlier this decade, he spawned a successful movie career. He has worked with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, acting in dramas and comedies alike. But more recently, he has broadened his entrepreneurship by getting involved in designing clothes. In Spring of 2008, he launched his own clothing line, Benjamin Bixby. And in an article with GQ, Andre was willing to discuss hat fashion with the men’s fashion magazine.

Andre says that what compels him so much about hat fashion is how the hat works with the shape of someone’s face. In his example, having a long face, he prefers a wide brim hat to balance out the silhouette. One of his favorite hats is a straw, wide-brimmed fedora, almost like a sun hat. Even though it’s so worn out it’s tearing at the top, Andre still wears it even to formal functions with a tuxedo. He feels like it gives the right tone of not taking himself too seriously, when he wears his ratty old straw hat in New York city.

The great thing about a straw hat like that, is that he can pull off the tongue-in-cheek look with the formal attire, but it also works perfectly with a casual outfit for a day on the town, or a day at the beach! Make sure to keep your eye out for what Andre Benjamin continues to do, whether it be in music, film, or fashion. And keep your eyes peeled for the hat that will perfectly complement your face and your outfits!

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