Oct 28 2010

“How I Met Your Mother” Pink Cowboy Hat Clip

My wife saw this episode of “How I Met Your Mother”, and she showed this clip to me so I could share it here on the blog. Being that I blog about all things Hat, and more specifically, that I have a page of my store specifically devoted to Pink Cowboy Hats, I knew I had to get this clip up on the blog. It’s just too funny. I know that the most common place I spot people wearing pink cowboy hats at, is either parties (because they’re so silly) or at bars. So this one, with diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs on it, just made me crack up. I hope I can track down this specific hat to add it to the store! Anyway, enjoy the clip, and check out our wide selection of Pink Cowboy Hats!

Oct 25 2010

Bike Messenger Hats as a growing Urban Trend

Walking through the streets of Seattle is a people watcher’s dream for someone like me. Ever since I was in my early teens, I have made trips to Seattle just to people watch, and see what the “cool kids” are wearing. I would walk the streets on my own little urban safari. The only thing I was missing was a Tilley Hat and a pair of binoculars. The streets and shops would teem with urbanites, hipsters, indie rockers and those that just want to look like them. The city was and is a veritable fashion show for underground trends before they become mainstream.

The “bike messenger” look has been popular in the city for quite some time, as biking has always been a part of The Emerald City’s culture. Hipsters across America have been keeping their horn-rimmed glasses covered eyes on Seattle for the past couple years as the DIY music scene here has been making quite the strong come back. As a result, many aspects of the bike messenger look have been adopted into the hipster fashion palette.

My favorite of these trends, next to cuffed jeans, is the introduction of cycling caps into every day wear. I love the caps personally, because of the diversity they allow for the wearer. They look sexy on both guys and girls, and the patterns and colors available are seemingly endless. Cycling caps can also be worn year round. They come in cotton if you want to stay cool, or wool if you want to stay warm. And if you’re feelin’ a little sassy, you can even flip the brim up and give your outfit a little attitude.

So if you’re looking for something trendy, but is both comfortable and versatile, then this my be the unique hat style for you.

Oct 22 2010

MLB Baseball Pitcher’s Dirty Hat Results in Cheating Accusations

Texas Rangers Pitcher, Cliff Lee, is one of the fiercest pitchers in baseball these days. And his hat has become the target of plenty of controversy recently. The bill of his cap is smudged with white stuff, and some conspiracy theorists think he’s got some sort of concoction that gives him a little extra advantage from the mound. Most people are comfortable attributing the white stain to sweat and rosin.

Pitchers are allowed to have a rosin bag right behind the mound, and use it all they want for their hand, just not allowed to rub the ball in rosin. But some people even think the high amount of rosin and sweat on the bill of Lee’s hat is giving him that extra oomph he needs to have an unfair advantage against the batters. In a sarcastic response to the questions, Cliff Lee said:

It definitely makes me way better. I know that much. Without that hat, I don’t know if I could do it. I don’t know. It’s rosin is what it is. I go to the rosin bag quite a bit. I touch my hat in the same place over and over. And it just accumulates. I couldn’t pitch without it for sure.

Most people, including the Manager of the Yankees, are not bothered by the soiled hat. And if anyone should be concerned, it’s the Yankees… they are currently down 3-2 in the ALCS, one loss away from elimination from the playoffs. But they realize that Cliff Lee is just a terrific pitcher, and he’s not trying to gain the upper hand with his hat concoction.  The more naive sports watcher might say, “why doesn’t he just wear a clean hat each game?” But those who know how superstitious athletes are, know that you don’t demand someone to change their ritual! How many people have a lucky hat? Rally Cap? Remember Jerry Sloan’s lucky John Deere hat? If Cliff Lee wants to wear a dirty hat all season, more power to him. Heck, if he wants to wear a pink hard hat when he’s off the mound because he thinks it keeps his luck alive, that’s his prerogative!  Go Rangers! And go unique “good luck hats”!

Oct 20 2010

The Many Hats of Colin Farrell

In light of my favorite new Homburg Hat, I started doing some research into famous Homburg wearers, and came across a man who’s unique hat styles match his unique characters in movies: Colin Farrell (not to mention the fact that we share the same first name). I believe the first role I saw Farrell in was Phone Booth, and he’s been a top actor in Hollywood ever since, playing roles with a variety of looks and accents.

Farrell seems to pull off as many looks off the screen as on. We can see in this picture to the right, that he pulls off a very fancy, formal fur felt homburg hat with a sports jacket and plain white t-shirt. He is spotted commonly wearing a very casual outfit, commonly finished off with a beanie, or occasionally a flat cap (i.e. driving cap or newsboy cap). But for this premiere, he chose to dress it up a bit with the Homburg, a great option to give the semi-casual outfit a formal touch.

Aside from the beanie and the rare Homburg hat, Colin Farrell seems to feel pretty comfortable in a brown, fur felt fedora. Rather than the ever-so-common Stingy Brimmed Fedora, Farrell is more a fan of the medium sized Indiana Jones Style fedora with a thick black accenting hatband. With this style of fedora, it’s casual enough to go with anything, but can also be pulled off with a semi-formal look as well. And when Colin is rocking the rugged out-doorsman look, this is the perfect all-season fedora to fit the part! And with Farrell’s strong acting skills, I could even see him pulling off the role of Indiana Jones himself with that Indiana Jones Stetson style fedora!

I’m excited to see what roles Colin Farrell is able to pull off in his promising acting future. And as he continues to try different looks off the screen, I’ll keep the world updated on what hats he chooses to finish off the outfits, whether it’s formal fedoras, casual caps, or anywhere in between!

Oct 18 2010

My new favorite Hat

I don’t usually blog about my own hats, but I thought I’d show this picture, because it’s amazing. I got this great homburg hat a while back. It’s a woven tweed with a beautiful black satin band for accent.

What’s so amazing about this picture, is that I’m standing with Pau Gasol and Sasha Vujacic of the Los Angeles Lakers on either side of me. I am an avid Lakers fan, and while walking through the Las Vegas Mirage Casino with my wife, I realized that, walking directly in front of me were Pau and Sasha! I quickly gave my wife my iPhone, and asked them if I could get a picture. They were kind enough to oblige.  Now, I’m not short… over 6’2″ tall. But they just seemed to tower over me! I’d look even shorter without the hat on me, giving me an extra inch or 2 of height!

Anyway, this hat is really unique and looks great with any casual or semi-formal outfit. And it definitely helps keep me a bit warmer in the cooler weather. I think the curved-brimmed look of the Stetson style homburg is a great alternative to the ever popular pinched or stingy brimmed fedora. I love the Indiana Jones style fedora, but it’s fun to wear something a bit different at times. If you make it to Vegas, make sure you’ve got a unique hat so you stick out a bit! I saw awesome Pink Cowboy hats, Pink John Deere trucker hats, fedoras, newsboy hats, a few Tilley hats (due to the heat), and of course a slew of caps in Vegas. So make sure you bring something to show off your unique style!

Oct 15 2010

UK Hat Sales Are Soaring

We’ve known for quite a while now that hats are making a major comeback in the US. But now it is no secret that hat sales are up in Britain as well! A recent article at marketplace.publicradio.org wrote that sales are up to $80M per year now!

About 70 years ago, you would walk the streets in the United States or the UK, and nearly every man would be sporting some sort of Formal hat. But in the 1960′s hats were well out of fashion, at least relatively speaking.  The turning point seemed to be JFK arriving in the White House with no hat in sight. But after several decades of casual attire being the norm, people are ready for something more interesting to spice up an outfit, be it formal or casual. Whether it’s a stringy brimmed fedora, an Indiana Jones style Fedora, a Homburg, or a flat cap, people are donning more hats than anytime in the last half-decade!

So spice up your outfit with the perfect unique hat! There are so many unique and cool styles of hats out there right now, just take some time and get the perfect hat for your face and lifestyle!

If you are interested in reading the full article from marketplace.publicradio.org, click here.

Oct 6 2010

Portland Hat Makers Use Recycled Materials for New Fashion Statements

There is something beautiful, perhaps ingrained in humanity that loves to see something new and beautiful made out of something old and worthless.

Well, that is exactly what Faith Hats is seeking to do. Creator, owner, and designer, Faith Jennings began her business in 2003, “providing warmth and style to heads around the world” with recycled clothing. She will take old, useless sweaters and slacks, then cut them to fit one of her many great looking patterns of hats, from beanies to cloche style hats, to cadet caps, to completely unique hat styles!

What Faith Hats is doing, seems like what Alex Tilley of Tilley Endurables would be doing if he were getting his start in the 21st century. Tilley was a frontrunner in many ways with their design, quality, and creativity. Similarly, Faith Hats are stylish yet functional, and most of them are completely washable (the drifter even has a secret pocket inside). Yet, even thought they’re great hats, they are completely green and environmentally conscious, since they are reducing waste, by coming from 100% recycled materials.

As companies hope to create sustainable business practices, I think more clothing manufacturers will need to take a hard look at if they need to find creative ways to use more recycled materials. Or perhaps the pressure is on us, the consumers, to be shopping from companies that already have this value. I commend Faith Hats both for the great design of unique hat styles, as well as an environmentally sustainable business. Keep pumping out the great looking fedoras, caps, and hats of all styles of second hand materials!

Oct 4 2010

EMCOR dons Pink Hard Hats as Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Hats for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Maybe the Construction Industry has a bias of being tough and macho. But that won’t keep EMCOR, the fortune 500 construction and infrastructure company, from having thousands of their employees wear pink hard hats this month. Last year they did the same thing, and they are calling the campaign, “Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today.” They will even get a large group of employees, dressed in their pink hard hats, to form a massive human pink ribbon in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

EMCOR is a major sponsor in the American Cancer Society’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. This sort of social activity is what makes EMCOR a leader in their industry. People are no longer willing to support a corporation that just makes money… in these socio-economic times, people want to support a company that cares to take care of people. Being that I lost my dad to cancer earlier this year, I know how near and dear the cause of finding a cure for cancer is to millions of people. So I commend EMCOR for their efforts to support Breast Cancer Awareness this month by providing Breast Cancer Awareness Hats!

Here is the Video they’ve put on their Website in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Oct 1 2010

SNL Tiny Hats sketch causes Controversy

Earlier this week I blogged about the sketch I saw on Saturday Night Live involving women trying to one-up each other with smaller and smaller hats. Amy Poehler’s character starts out with a doll-sized pink cowboy hat, then the hats get smaller from there.

Well, apparently, some people believe SNL stole the idea from the Adult Swim sketch comedy show, “The Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” Below is the sketch from “The Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” Obviously, both sketches are using tiny hats as the visual joke, and both show people wearing smaller hats below their normal hat. Could it be coincidence? It doesn’t seem like undersized hats is really any part of pop culture. Perhaps it was one of those cases of the writers for SNL having the idea subconsciously from The T&EASGJ, but forgetting where they got the idea.

I’m not sure what it is that is so amusing about a tiny bowler hat, Indiana Jones style fedora, pink cowboy hat,  or top hat. But these aren’t the only sketches where tiny hats are used as comical props… If you remember “In Living Color,” Damon Wayans would wear a tiny bowler hat in the sketch, “Men on Film.” It’s amazing how a right fitting hat can make someone look so serious and dashing, but then that same hat can be shrunk to comical proportions!

Here’s the “In Living Color” sketch I was referencing. Brings back memories! This show was a staple in my house about 15 years ago!